About Me

I have been active my entire life, I'm not sure there is a sport that I haven't at least tried once.  There have been some that I've been talented at, and others...well let's just say I gave a valiant effort.  I've given sport endless blood, sweat, and tears and in return I've received irreplaceable friendships, self-esteem, businesses, some serious gut checks, and an amazing husband and child. 


I'm an average athlete who thinks differently.  I've gutted out more events with little to no training than I care to admit. I know how to suffer in sport and I crave speed.  I love all animals, design, hot weather, a good red wine, and sushi.  I believe that the human spirit is a powerful force.


I'm one of the rare ones who works in the field they graduated from with degree in Physical Education and Art and a MS is Fitness Studies and Fitness Management. I am by no means 'the expert' or 'the end all and be all'.  Take my word as grains of salt.  What has worked for me, might not work for you.  It is only meant to act as a guideline, and perhaps clarify the mud.  


Train Hard, Train Safe 

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