• Joanne Cogle

Are you tired of being tired?

I’m tired. We say it all the time. Maybe it was a long weekend or some poor, but at the time seemingly good, choices the night before. Or you have too much going on and feel pulled in every direction.

Bad news. The holidays are here. Between parties, travel, family gatherings, overindulging, and Christmas shopping you are going to be even more tired.

Prepare to be dark horse tired.

Good news. You can combat that dark horse with proper nutrition and consistent exercise. Make it a goal to pack a few healthy snack options in your bag or purse. Apple sauce packets, pretzels, protein bars, and fruit are always good choices. Knowing some health(ier) grab and go options at restaurants and/or gas stations can also keep your blood sugar stable when those road raging moments hit. Check out the grilled chicken wrap at Chick-fil-A or beef jerky at your local gas station.

Strive to move a little more each day. The holidays get busy so a full blown workout is not an option or maybe you are just starting out on your fitness quest. Regardless, taking some time out of your day to focus on YOU and YOUR health is probably the greatest gift you could give someone. No one likes a grumpy host. Not to mention, you’ll probably open one less bottle of wine when the conversations go south. Go for a walk, hit a RPM class, try a Crossfit class, or take the stairs (more than once) but whatever you do, keep moving. Your jeans will thank you.

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