• Joanne Cogle


I’d be lying if I said yesterday was a good day.

Yesterday I cancelled the majority of a race series that has been my baby for almost 10 years. In almost the same moment of sending notices out to athletes, I received the cancellation of my A race, Leadville 100, cancelling. I knew it was coming. I feel for the race director. I feel for my athletes. I feel for my own athletic endeavors.

The uncertainty of the ever changing protocols from COVID-19 continues to send a ripple effect through our lives. Was it the right decision? I have my own opinions and no one will ever really know. There are contradictions either way.

So now what?

Now you focus on what you can control. You control the time you spend with your families. You control the time you spend with your spouse. You control your workouts. You control your mobility. You control how much time you spend In the gym. You control your nutrition. You control projects you have wanted to do but have never had time to.

Not all is lost friends. The race will go on. Ours will at least, just in 2021. I know I’ll go into 2021 stronger, fitter, and with more gratitude than ever before.

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