• Joanne Cogle

Feel Better About Yourself

We all have struggled with self confidence and self esteem at one point or another in our lives. Maybe it’s here and there, maybe it’s all the time. Here is a solution:

Improve your self image with gratitude.

What does gratitude and self self esteem have in common? They feed off each other. Being grateful, giving thanks, and reflection all have positive affects on self esteem and self confidence. No one wants to hang out with a negative-nancy who doesn’t appreciate kindness and good fortune. I don't.

Filling yourself with gratitude makes you a more attractive person. Your mood will lighten, you’ll smile more, you’ll walk a little lighter, and people will want to engage with you. Appreciate your value, strengths, and attributes. This will help you being to see similar characteristics in others and relationships will flourish. There is nothing better than strong secure relationships to build self confidence.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving here 30 things that are on my list to help you along in your gratitude journey if you get stuck.

I have enough food to eat (795 million people don’t).

I have a roof over your head I have access to clean water (1 in 9 don’t).

I have clothes (even if they don’t match).

I have people that love youI have a loving, supportive family.

My animals are pretty great even though the cat keeps sitting on my keyboard.

I get to do what I love every day.

I get to watch people succeed everyday.

I’m healthy.

I live in a great community.

I have a pretty awesome kid that I have managed to keep alive for 8 years.

My dogs are pumped to see me. All. The. Time.

I get to ride bike(s).

I have a great bunch of friends.

My parents, although they live in a van, are pretty cool.

I have a partner who shows unconditional love.

I have an education.

I am able to learn from my mistakes.

We all make them.

I wake up each day, so far anyway.

I’ve seen the mountains and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I’m ridden my bike in some pretty awesome places.

I have a job and successful businesses.

I have warm clothing, thank goodness.

I have ‘free time’ on my to do list.

I live my perfect day.

2nd amendment, look it up.

I get to drink coffee every day.

Amazon exists.

Showers with strong water pressure.

Try 60 seconds of gratitude today.

Write the first 5 things that come to mind that you are thankful for. Feeling a little better about yourself? I thought so. Now do it every day.

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