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I didn’t really want to go...

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Imagine the angel and devil cliche sitting on your shoulder, substitute the devil lounging in brown leather recliner with a plethora of pillows, a bag of potato chips, and a remote in hand. On the other side is an angel bouncing around like an over-bred chihuahua dressed in white tennis attire, Nike high tops, sweat bands, and one of those cheerleading bull horns.

Who wins?

That’s how every one of my workouts usually begins. I mean, who wants to run in freezing or sweltering temperatures, let alone rain? Let’s be honest. We’ve had about 3 perfect days this year so far temperature in Georgia. Who wants to ride a bike in a headwind both out and back? There's never a tailwind, everyone knows that. Who wants to swim in a pool that feels like either an ice bath or hot tub? And who really wants to lift heavy weights over and over again so you can’t sit down, let alone get off, the toilet the next day?

Not me. But I do it anyway. It took me a long time to resign to the fact that exercise makes me a better person.

Coffee makes me a good person. Exercise makes me a better person.

My head clears, my patience increases, I have less road rage, my blood pressure drops, I sleep better, I’m smile more, I remember where I put things and my kid (for the most part), my clothes fit better, my skin looks better, I can perform daily tasks more efficiently - how many times have you rearranged your house and no one wants to make two grocery bag trips. Exercise has helped my make more friends than I can count, it has opened and closed doors, it allows me enjoy that cookie or ten guilt-free, and the list goes on and on.

Don't get me wrong. I love session solo or just me and a dog, but I have to give major props to my squad for keeping me in line and accountable. Kudos to my running pals, even though they probably get tired of seeing those 3 little dots flashing as I compose lame excuses and erase them. Kudos to my swim squad who guilts me into jumping in freezing cold water only to swim back and forth aimlessly. Kudos to the bike bros who shame me into cold weather riding and like to poke the bear. And of course major kudos to my CrossFit CSG crew who are always happy to see me in a workout.

The moral of the story: Exercise is good for your soul. Brave it solo or find a friend. But whatever you do, keep moving. You’ll be better at life. I promise.

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