• Joanne Cogle

More than just wheels

I’ve been riding for a long time on all types of bikes. Most recently I have been focused on my Mountain Bike. Solely because the amount of focus it requires allows me to silence the world and my surroundings. I don’t have a chance to think about the impact of boiling social pot of the world. My time in the woods, away from opinions, arguments, and the media is more than just a therapeutic break. It’s the mute button and it has taught me some of the my top 5 life lessons.

  1. Trust. Has your mechanic torqued your bolts, have you been maintaining it properly, will it hold as you traverse down a rocky descent? I struggle with trust, but riding forces me to depend on others more than myself.

  2. You’ll likely fit through the trees and trail. Even though it might not look like you’ll make it through a situation, you probably will. You may just need to slow down, navigate the best line, and trust the trail builder (see #1).

  3. You will fall. It’s ok. Get up and session it again. -We all run into speed bumps and obstacles. 2020 has been a testament. Just get up an do it again.

  4. Stay on the trail. It’s tempting to leave the trail and short cut to the next section or to get that segment (for you Strava followers). But it pays to stay on the trail. Like in life or in business…stay in your lane, keep your head focused, and do the right thing.

  5. Remember your roots. The other day I rode a trail that I used to frequent. However, other places have popped up. When I returned, the trail has all but been forgotten and will take a lot of work to return to glory. Don’t forget where you have come from, it’ll be less work in the long run.

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