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The only way to get there is...

This week I found myself dragging all day long; laying on my bed, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook getting caught up in other peoples uncertainty. I was tired. Very tired. The rollercoaster of my own personal and business stresses compounding over the past 6 weeks has taken its toll.

Many of you out there have races on your schedules. Maybe it's your first, maybe it's your 100th. Maybe, like me, it's an event you been eyeing for years. With the world in seeming turmoil and the stress of the unknowns you may find yourself questioning yourself, your work, or your training. Will the race go on? Do I still train? Is it even worth it?

Yesterday I rode my bike with the intentions of riding for 3-4 hours. My race this year: Leadville 100. Will it go on? They say yes. But Colorado is trending no. I've been favoring a new trail system and immediately upon dropping into the trail I knew that it was not going to be my day. My legs were heavy, my reaction slow, and my motivation to continue was not there. Still, here I was. On my bike. In the middle of the trail. Knowing that I needed to ride.

No amount of self depreciation, yelling, or grumbling was going to help me get out of my situation. There was only one way. Forward. Yes I could have quit right there, turned around, exited early. No one would have known (I could have deleted Strava), but would that accomplished anything? Would that have made me better? No.

Maybe you are having a hard time finding the motivation to train for a race you don't know will go on. Maybe you are just having a tough time at work or homeschooling your child.

Maybe you had a tough day at work. You can't just quit training and expect to finish the race, or throw in the towel and expect to pay your bills. So what do you do?

Move forward.

Take small steps.

Take a break.


You do what ever you need to find peace. Then you move your legs in circles for a while or put one foot in front of the other. Because you have a race to finish or work to do and

the only way to get there is through.

The past 6 weeks have been trying. Maybe one of the hardest mental battles I've been through. But we are all here enduring it and finding our way into the future. If you are struggling, know you aren't alone. Reach out, phone a friend, share your struggles from 6ft away with someone. You'll feel lighter, your reaction time faster, your legs will move faster, and your head will be clearer.

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