• Joanne Cogle

Trust Yourself

When the book the Secret was published, one of the points driven home was the mind is a powerful tool; think it and it’s likely to happen, make a vision board and stay focused, think you’re going to fail and you probably will.

Self doubt is one of the leading causes of failure. Doubt your ability to jump on a box and you’ll remain grounded. Doubt your ability to reach the top of a hill and you’ll stay at the bottom. Doubt your ability to run a mile and you’ll stay at the start line.

I’m not saying that you should go into an event untrained or try to perform tasks outside of your scope of ability. Follow a plan or perhaps hire a professional to guide you through safe and proper progressions. But when you reach that end point, whether it be an event, race, or goal, go for it without self doubt. Training, both mental and physical is the hard part.

Enjoy the moment. Trust yourself. You’re stronger than you think.
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