• Joanne Cogle

What if?

I was riding my mountain bike a few days ago, chasing some Strava segments and I wondered to myself, what if…what if I pushed my hardest up the hill? What if I took that turn a little tighter? What if just went for it?

So have you ever left the gym wondering what if…

What if you had eaten breakfast?

What if you had gone to bed a little earlier the night before?

What if you had done those extra reps in the warm up?

What if you had added a little extra weight on your bar instead of staying at the weight you always use?

What if you had gone until the coach said stop instead of stopping 5 seconds before the workout ended?

What if you had truly given it your all?

What would happen?

You will have a more energized workout and day.

You will likely skip your afternoon coffee.

You will be less likely to injure yourself.

You will get stronger.

You will get fitter.

You will feel accomplished.

This week toe your comfort line and push it forward. Stop asking yourself what if and go for it.

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In health,

Joanne Cogle

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