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Your work is not working out.

I hear a lot of people say "I have an active job", "I walk a lot for my job", "I lift a lot of heavy things at work", or "I run after my kids all day".

Kudos. All those working in a cubicle are secretly, or maybe not so secretly, jealous. But just because you move a lot during the day doesn’t mean that you are working out. Over time your body goes through a physiological adaptation and becomes accustom to your day to day activities. You move in the most efficient way possible (biomechanics aside) and your metabolism stabilizes; burning or storing calories based on your nutritional intake and activity demand.

You are smarter than you look.

Movement is good. Movement at work is great. But working out is greater. Unless you apply external forces that are greater or different than your daily activity you will not see any significant improvement or change. Meaning that if you deliver my mail for a living, you probably have a great cardio base. Walking as a workout is probably not going to benefit you. But building lean muscle mass by lifting weights or riding a bike will yield positive results. If you are a construction worker, lifting equipment all day long, a cardio session is a good choice. If you are a runner or cyclist, your ticket to faster splits is to build core and lower extremity strength. If you are a mom or dad, build lean muscle mass and keep that cardio mixed in.

Regardless of your profession, keep your workouts consistent, constantly varied, functional, and intentional. This is why at CrossFit CSG, our motto is Be Better at Life. Challenge yourself going into 2020 to be the best version of YOU.

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Photo Credit: Jackie Hutwagner

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